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Here's Your Hureka Top 10 List for 8.14.2021

published4 months ago
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Hureka Top 10

A compilation of articles that will Inform, Educate and Inspire Your Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Using Customer Journey Maps to Improve Customer Experience

A customer journey map is a very simple idea: a diagram that illustrates the steps your customers go through in engaging with your company, whether it be a product, an online experience, retail experience, or a service, or any combination. The more touchpoints you have, the more complicated — but necessary — such a map becomes.

2. Map the Gap: A Simple Approach to Content Gap Analysis

A content inventory and a thorough content audit are the best way to get a complete understanding of your site’s content—what content is working and what can be improved. Once these steps are done you know the content you have, but how do you figure out what content you don’t have?

Data - The Success Factor

3. Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights

McKinsey notes that surges in data caused by rapid digital disruption 'have not provided marketers with a substantially better understanding of their customers, because their companies’ outdated data modeling isn’t able to capture these shifts with the necessary granularity and speed.' Here’s how you can transform your data into actionable insights.

4. Data Collection Strategy to Expand Digital Marketing Insights

The prevalent use of analytics tools is due to the massive growth of data available to enhance the digital marketing process. The problem now lies is how an internet marketer acquires data effectively and efficiently. Both your data collection.

Digital Marketing Execution

5. Conversion-Focused Web Design

Conversion-focused web design uses time-tested design principles and tricks to persuade users to take action on your site. By using psychological triggers, minimizing distractions, and optimizing for user experience, you can drive conversions and sales.

6. Winning the Semantic Search Game: Part I - Volume

Listen up... No more keywords. It seems that Google's engineers took the instructions to heart if Larry Page ever spoke it. Devising a comprehensive SEO strategy became a challenging task after the Hummingbird algorithm. Marketers were already struggling to create a successful strategy to get the respective brands at the top positions in the search engine.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

7. 10 Signs You Are a Data-Driven Marketer

If you want to succeed as a marketer, you need to be creative, analytical, and dedicated to growth. To propel your brand forward, you should be comfortable with change and able to connect well with people. And to hit your benchmarks, you need to be analytical, tech-savvy, and good with numbers.

8. Data-Driven Skills to Amplify Every Marketing Dollar You Spend

The primary objective of a modern digital marketer is to position their business for cost-effective growth as efficiently as possible. But not all marketers are created equal. The analog marketer attempts to drive growth by relying solely on tactics and technology. They prize shortcuts over diligence, and action over results. Growth hacks. Exploits. Spam. The data-driven digital marketer sees the bigger picture. They know how to use the latest technology and tactics in a way that prioritizes data-driven strategy over guesswork. They understand the most direct path to growth comes through experimentation, carefully measuring outcomes, and painstakingly analyzing results.

9. Why Your Marketing Needs to Be Data-Driven

Marketing needs to be data-driven to be effective. If you know your target user’s behavior, goals, pain points, and challenges, you can develop marketing campaigns that cater to their specific needs. Data such as a user’s browsing patterns, social media activity, online purchase behavior, and other metrics can help you focus your marketing efforts on what works. So, collect as much information about your target market as much as you can. This data will be at the core of any successful marketing strategy.

10. Three Ways to Build a Data-Driven Marketing Team

More and more marketers understand the need to embrace a data strategy as a means to more deeply understand audiences and apply insights. And many are eager to build data-savvy marketing teams. But what’s the best way to structure the team for success? Every business is different, but the top brands use one of three organizational models when building data-driven marketing teams.

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