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Here's Your Hureka Top 10 List for 8.21.2021

published4 months ago
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Hureka Top 10

A compilation of articles that will Inform, Educate and Inspire Your Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Smart Marketing Goals and Why You Need Them

When combined with inbound sales & marketing principles, SMART goals are a sure way of delivering on ROI. They force you to think deliberately about your actions and how they relate to the results you're trying to achieve. SMART goals help banish delusion-driven marketing.

2. A Comprehensive Guide to Content Gap Analysis

According to research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, of the companies employing content marketing, fewer than half say their efforts are effective. Many content marketers are turning to Content Gap Analyses to identify and fill gaps in their content inventory.

Data - The Success Factor

3. Establishing a Data-Driven Culture in Marketing Teams

So, how do you go from data silos to data-driven? And is it even possible to integrate all your various sources of data to get greater insight and a holistic view of business performance — and do it in a straightforward and cost-effective way? The answer lies in building a strong, unified data stack, one that can make a positive impact on business profitability. The big advantage for marketers is they can use it to drive business innovation through analytics.

4. 7 Expert Tips on How to Be a More Data-Driven Marketer

Marketing continues to evolve to the changes brought about by the digital age. With growing consumer expecations for businesses to be online and personalize their experiences, companies should take active steps into developing their own data-driven digital marketing strategy frameworks to meet the demand. This data-driven framework will help you not just gain insights on how to better serve customers online, but also help you develop more reliable strategies that guarantee durable results.

Digital Marketing Execution

5. Top 5 Types of Chatbots for Solving Business Problems

Depending on the usability and functionality, chatbots can be of five main types - support, skills, assistants, transactional and informational. Which will help solve your business problem?

6. 20 Golden Rules of Email Marketing

By applying golden rules of email marketing to your marketing strategy you can seriously step up your success and ramp up your ROI. Yet despite the billions of dollars that are made from email marketing every year it is not uncommon to hear someone shouting from the hill tops that “email is dead.” Don’t listen to those people who try to say email is dead because email is more than just alive, it is thriving.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

7. A Guide to Data-Driven Digital Marketing

In an increasingly digital world, it’s now more important than ever for marketing to be data-driven and to harness the power of big data analysis. Despite this, many businesses still focus on traditional forms of marketing. Today, this kind of approach is no longer feasible as customers are much more knowledgable and can gain access to competitors at the click of a button.

8. A Strategist’s Complete Guide to Marketing Segmentation

It’s no secret that consumers want personalized content. In fact, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized, and a further 59% say that personalization influences their shopping decision. This means that you could be losing out on site traffic, engagement and purchases if you’re not personalizing your communication attempts. Luckily, there’s one strategy you can use to deliver personalized marketing: segmentation. Marketing segmentation is a technique that works by using a variety of sources to make informal targeting decisions to improve customer satisfaction.

9. The Importance of Data-Driven Marketing (Infographic)

Did you know that Marketers that exceeded their revenue goals in were using personalization techniques 83% of the time whereas businesses that employ data-driven personalization delivered five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend. More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents believe that they’ve had a somewhat or significant increase in access to useful data over the past year but only 49% of respondents reported being somewhat or very effective at using data-informed insights to guide future strategy. Check out our infographic to know more about the growing importance of data driven marketing and the objectives and challenges of data driven marketing.

10. Branded vs. Unbranded Keywords

A branded keyword is one in which the name of your company appears. When a customer types the name of your company into a search string, they are looking for you, they believe in you. A friend might have recommended you, but usually it was your advertising that won them over. Either way, you have done well. Unbranded keywords include phrases like “air conditioning repair” and “diamond engagement rings.” When a shopper types an unbranded keyword into a search engine, it is a clear signal that they have no preferred provider in your category. No one has won them over.

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