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Here's Your Hureka Top 10 List for 9.18.2021

published3 months ago
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Hureka Top 10

A compilation of articles that will Inform, Educate and Inspire Your Digital Marketing Success

Digital Marketing Strategy

1. How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Action Plan

An effective digital marketing action plan consists of understanding your audience, creating SMART goals, utilizing the appropriate tools, analyzing your online presence, creating content, and launching and optimizing your campaign.

2. What are the major components of a digital marketing plan?

Digital marketing has become one of the most effective ways to communicate because you can connect with your customers in their preferred channels. But the broad range of digital marketing options can make it overwhelming to know where to focus. Organizations that want to set themselves apart in the market understand that effectively reaching and engaging with potential customers matters most. This means using creative ways to connect with the right people in the right place and delivering a compelling message that helps them decide if a product might meet their needs.

Data - The Success Factor

3. Digital Marketing Analytics 101: The Data that Matters Most

Collecting data is easy. Interpreting data is not. It requires knowledge, contextual understanding, rigor and patience. It is NOT possible to look at 2-3 digital marketing data points and fully understand what is going on with your marketing. To make sense of your data, you have to put some thinking into it and/or have a conversation with someone who can analyze it for you. There are no shortcuts. You must use your brain, just as you use it to get your great business ideas.

4. Understanding the Importance of Digital Marketing Analytics

One of the biggest advantages of doing business in the digital era is having the ability to track and analyze your results with the help of digital analytics. Web analytics is more on the website’s metrics while digital analytics allows you to have a more comprehensive view of your marketing strategy as a whole. What is working and what is not, thus giving you the chance to improve your digital marketing strategy. It gives you the needed vision to see where you’re going and if your efforts are paying off.In other words- actionable insights.

Digital Marketing Execution

5. Top Marketing Podcasts You Should Follow

Are you searching for the top marketing podcasts to get ideas on how to improve your marketing and grow your business? Podcasts have become popular entertainment for many, and they are one of the best ways to consume valuable information from experts. Edison Research claimed last year that 51 percent of Americans ages 12 and over listen to podcasts. Based on trends, that number will only increase. How do you choose the best podcast when there are thousands of podcasts to choose from?

6. How to Vlog: A Complete Guide to Start Vlogging in 2021

If I told you that you could become a sucessful YouTuber/vlogger, would you believe me? Or do you think that there is too much competition? YouTube is saturated — 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are dozens of million-dollar YouTubers and bloggers creating thousands of hours of video a year. How could you possibly break through the noise? Well, I’m here to tell you that video blogging still has huge potential.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing

7. 4 Data-Driven Digital Marketing Tactics to Embrace in 2021

There have been multiple marketing innovations introduced in 2020 (driven by both technology and the pandemic that has changed all the aspects of our lives), yet one trend is the most prominent one: Data. Never before have brands had access to so much marketing data that includes internal/private data (customers’ emails, buying preferences, etc.) and public data (like competitors’ identifiable marketing tactics, overall shopping trends, etc.). You don’t need to be a data scientist or invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in data collection agencies to create a data-driven marketing strategy these days. Thanks to the Internet, big and small brands can access more data that they can process.

8. How to Use Data-Driven Marketing to Solve Your Pain Points

The beauty of data driven digital marketing is that you have a substantial way of knowing your customers deeply. There are tools that measure every activity online and gather digital marketing data, allowing you to make informed decisions. When done right, data marketing can be liberating and resource-saving. It can prevent channel overlaps and pin down customer expectations. It can also pad your bottom line, which is music to the ears of bosses and executives. A 2015 McKinsey & Company study said those who adopt it can expect 15 to 20 percent marketing return on investment. If your marketing efforts are failing to produce results in said areas, becoming data driven might be the next big step for you.

9. How to Become a Digital “King of the Hill” with Data Analysis

Data-driven marketing is a method of creating and optimizing marketing campaigns based on the data acquired through customer interactions. Analysts can form predictions about future customer behavior and their interactions with advertisements. This type of marketing requires marketing teams to understand the data they’ve already gathered, know how they can gather new data, and find ways to harmonize, organize, analyze, and apply it to their marketing strategies.

10. The New Era of Personalization

Direct relationships with consumers provide direct access to data, which fuels the advanced analytics that drive D2C benefits. This data is the top prerequisite to tapping artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities that can personalize every consumer interaction, at scale and in real time. By gaining insights into demand patterns and unique needs from customer order data on its e-commerce platform, a global CPG company developed a strategy for prepackaging goods. That resulted in a significant increase in packaging productivity and speedier order delivery.

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